I guess the lifewater project failed to deliver …

Well, it’s 5/25 and the free samples never arrived ….. so I guess I retract some of my previous comments and I’m surprised I was so easily fooled …..

On the availability front it seems to be getting worse – 7-11 has stopped stocking it, and still the only place I can find it is in Target. Still nobody delivers. There’s some guy selling it on ebay, at $12.99 for a 6 pack and about the same in shipping, so I guess you’d have to really, really like this to pay 4 bucks a bottle – the surprising thing is that people probably do!

Wegmans have started listing it, but they aren’t exactly nationwide and they don’t deliver.

As soon as I find someone who’ll ship or deliver it, I’ll post it – but as outlets seem to be dwindling it may be that it’s going to go out of production, It still remains a mystery.

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