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I guess the lifewater project failed to deliver …

Well, it’s 5/25 and the free samples never arrived ….. so I guess I retract some of my previous comments and I’m surprised I was so easily fooled …..

On the availability front it seems to be getting worse – 7-11 has stopped stocking it, and still the only place I can find it is in Target. Still nobody delivers. There’s some guy selling it on ebay, at $12.99 for a 6 pack and about the same in shipping, so I guess you’d have to really, really like this to pay 4 bucks a bottle – the surprising thing is that people probably do!

Wegmans have started listing it, but they aren’t exactly nationwide and they don’t deliver.

As soon as I find someone who’ll ship or deliver it, I’ll post it – but as outlets seem to be dwindling it may be that it’s going to go out of production, It still remains a mystery.

First Live VG show …

So, the first live gig – last Saturday – with the VG. I fretted about taking a backup guitar but didn’t. I switched to all NIMh batteries, the AA’s in the VG lasted the whole gig (aout 8:15pm to 1am including soundchecks) but the 9v NIMh failed after 2 mins and I fell back to a Duracell. That needs some investation.

Main lesson – It worked really well live, but I MUST MUST MUST spend a day or two tweaking the settings on the Bose to get the acoustic and clean sounds in sync with the way the VG works. I’ve settled on couple of default settings (one 12, one six) and they don’t sound ‘right’ mainly because the Bose tonematch isn’t set up right.

Dirty sounds are the best I’ve ever had, especially the VG Humbucker + Womanizer combo.

Not too heavy for 4+ hours work. It’s a keeper.

Kuwait Bahrain Race 1990 video

Needs Speakers

Thanks for the video footage Henrik!

Whoah, the Lifewater folks read my blog …..

It would be remiss of me not to report that I just had an email from Erika at the Lifewater Project offering to send me some free samples, and telling me that there’s a 2-for-1 coupon here:¬†

If you ever wanted a demonstration of the power of the Internet, there it is. Imagine trying to do that over the phone or by snail mail.

Full marks to the Sobe people for watching the web and reacting; they obviously have savvy marketing folks. And no, I’m not just saying that, in my day job I’m responsible for web sites among other things and I know how challenging¬† it is to keep an eye on all the social media.

Sobe Lifewater scarcity continues to baffle

Managed to find some at (of all places) Target. 10 for $10. Bought 40. Local Genuardi’s have buy three, get one free, but only have two on the shelf (but dozens of shelf yards of all the other flavors). Still can’t find it anywhere else except 711.

There’s only three explanations as to this drought:

  1. Pepsi can’t make it fast enough
  2. There’s some ingredient that’s really hard to find at the moment and is limiting production
  3. They’re doing it deliberately for some marketing reason yet to be determined
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