The Great Sobe Life Water Fuji Apple Pear mystery

Sobe Lifewater Fuji Apple Pear
Sobe Lifewater Fuji Apple Pear

OK, so what’s the deal?

For those of you who don’t know, Sobe Lifewater is a Pepsi brand aimed at the non-carbonated non-water consumer space occupied by Vitamin Water et al. There are three varieties that are zero cal, and there’s a lot of guff about the sweetener used being natural and so on. OK, so much for the science.
The reason I’m interested is that I don’t drink coffee after noon, I just plain get fed up with water, I don’t drink carbonated drinks, and I really struggle to find something I like to drink between noon and 6pm. I tried all of the different zero cal lifewaters, and this one is the only one I actually like. The first one I tried was $1.99 for 20oz from my local 7-11. Not bad. However, I want to lay in a case or two at home, and at work, and I started looking. I found 1) It’s virtually impossible to get 2) Nobody delivers it. It’s so hard to get (and if you believe the blogosphere, very desirable) that it’s even being sold on eBay. So there are only two places I’ve found around here I can get it – the 7-11 in Philly (and Ali, the owner, won’t sell it by the case or discount it) and Genuardi’s – who sell it for $1 if you buy ten but don’t actually have any. All the soda delivery companies? No chance. Coffee for less? Nope. Acme markets? (every single one except this one).
Here’s the question: If this is so desirable (and I would buy several cases in a heartbeat), why can’t you buy it anywhere? Pepsi seems to be missing out here .. or do they know something I don’t?


  1. I’m drinking this drink now. Love it.

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