Mystery continues but great deals to be had

Although I’m slightly less obsessive that previously now I’ve found you can buy this reasonably reliably at Target stores, it still isn’t generally available anywhere – convenience stores like 711 and Wawa, gas stations, supermarkets, soda and beverage distributors.

Having said that, Target is running a great deal right now (I don’t know how long it will last) of 10 for $10 plus you get a $5 Target gift card. That makes the effective price $0.50/bottle which is unbelievable. I’ve cleaned out my local Target, you should do the same if you like this stuff.

Quick update as of Nov 27:  It’s still as rare as hens teeth but right now it’s 99 cents/bottle at participating 7-11’s! I’ve now bought enough to last me through February. I’m not posting any more on this thread as it’s run out of steam.

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