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  1. Hi, not sure how you dated those. The numbers run sequentially, so 2528 will be earlier than 3561. 3561 would be one of the very last EM-18’s built – the last was 3645. My guess is 2528 is ’79 and 3561 is early 80.

    Pricing is hard. Take a look at what they’re selling for online, you might be able to get a bump for a pair. You might also want to ask on the Martin Electric guitars Facebook group here:



  2. I have the following and am going to have to sell them both. I would prefer they be sold as a set. Beautiful instruments in excellent condition both with original hard cases. Can anyone give me an idea what they may be worth?
    1979 Martin EM-18 S/N 3561
    1981 Martin EB-18 S/N 2528

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