Martin/Goya electrics 1975-79

Martin Goya?

Well yes.

Levin (who owned the Goya name) were bought by Martin in 1975. Goya electrics were made in Japan in the 70’s, moving to Korea in the 80’s. I’m including this category for the MIJ 70’s models, which are high quality and very collectable ‘lawsuit’ guitars.

The 1977 Levin catalog has the Martin name on the last page and lists four models (photos coming soon, I have three in my collection), the GLP, a Les Paul Deluxe copy in gold, white or black, the GST, a natural body 4-bolt Strat copy, the GSG, a cherry SG copy, and the GJB, a sunburst Jazz bass copy with maple fingerboard. These are extremely precise copies, and very high quality instruments. They are very, very uncommon, mainly being sold in Europe and Canada, although not valued by collectors.

The GLP is particularly noteworthy in that few manufacturers copied the LP Deluxe, which at the time was a Gibson oddball with its Epiphone mini humbuckers. Although today it is a well regarded instrument, not least because of its tonal range, at the time it was the poor relation to the Les Paul custom.

This section is very much ‘coming soon’ and I will publish information and photos as they become available. I have a white GLP, a GST and a GSG in the Marshall collection, and I am actively seeking a gold and black GLP and a GJP to complete the set. To illustrate the quality of these instruments, a visiting fellow musician was playing the GST and didn’t realize it wasn’t a F*ender until he looked at the headstock!


  1. My name is Ronald Poirier
    around 1977, my father offrie this wonderful guitar Goya
    buy from Steve’s Music in Montreal Qc, and since that time, this guitar has never made ??default,
    I go regularly and luthiers handle did NOT work …
    even at temperatures of -40. When I went to the “show” in the great Canadian North.
    it has always been his “incredible” … has to sustain a Gibson Les Paul blush.
    the “problem” that these “people” do not know this model … not even the Goya Co. !
    Martin Co. or not, who buy Goya Co. in the 70s …
    myself, I have NEVER seen this guitar in ANY magazine, no show, video, etc. ..
    I searched the Net, for a good 10 years … like no guitar!
    the one who looks like him, these the Ibanez Artist 2672.
    She was buying new, with these pickups.
    My conclusion would be: a Japanese luthier (with initials WB)
    before the closing of the plant, have decided to make one last with
    class, as can be seen well, there is a big difference in quality and “look”
    with other electrical Goya ….
    The unusual colour and the gold hardware indicate
    that it might be a showpiece made for a special occasion or for an employee.
    I not trade this guitar for any guitar in the world!
    no matter the price.
    If anyone can help me in my search for more … (me and some users)
    seek more in between in a fog!
    I’d like to show you pictures, but I do not know where to send them!

  2. Sir, I acquired a Goya GST today and it looks like the body is mahogany but it’s way too heavy for it to be mahogany,my next guess was cherry but after reading articles was maple the only body wood offered on the 1977 GST. It’s kind of a tobacco colored wood and then a maple neck which is obvious. Is this maybe a tobacco stained maple body and I”m just too stupid to realize it? I didn’t see where different body woods were optional. Could you help me please. It’s also got a string thru the body roller bridge. Is this factor or did somebody put this on it. It sounds like a full blown tele with the bite the pickups on it have. I mean a mean asssed tele bite too. Just 3 single coils that I suppose are stock. Thank you for what ever help you might be able to give me. Bill Hall, Cassville, Missouri

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